Discount Card 2014

The 2014 Coast Run Discount Card was organised by Lauren Garrity who made the amazing efforts of getting the card to raise over $4,000 for the year. 

The amazing discounts that were available for the 2014 Discount Card were:


Abtrak                                                                            10% of all purchases
Armidale Golf Club 2 for 1 Green Fees.
Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium Free fish with every tank/bowl set up exc. specials.
Big Print Central 15% of in house printing.
Bing Lee Armidale Up to 10% of RRP.
Black Dot Music 10% Off.
Campus Essentials 5% off Casual Clothing.
Collin’s Bookshop 10% Off.
Daily Ritual tea & Coffee One free Byron Bay Biscuit with every coffee purchase.
EPC Shop $1 off the weekly special.
Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse 10% off exc. Prescriptions & Sale Items.
Hanna’s of Armidale 10% off exc. Specials.
Independent Sports 10% off exc. Specials & Uniforms.
June’s Jewellery & Gems 15% off Storewide Items.
Koorong Armidale 15% off each purchase.
Lowes Armidale 10% off exc. specials.
Mac1 10% off all Non-Apple Brand Accessories.
Mojos One free drink on arrival at Mojos Nightclub.
Neville’s Corner Store 5% off exc. Cigarettes, Phone Credit & Ice-Cream.
New England Hobbies & Art Supplies 10% Off.
Pearl Peach Takeaway 10% off any purchase over $5.
Savannah’s                                                                      10% off the bill
Sports Power Armidale 10% off exc. specials & catalogue items.
Sport UNE 20% off any membership over 3 months (Students Only)
Tank’d 10% off all fish purchased all year.
United Campus Bookshop 10% off per per, twice a trimester. In addition, entry into the raffle for a $250 gift card; drawn out once a trimester.